MEAs displayed as Flight Levels in the USA

As the title says - minimum enroute altitudes are shown as flight levels in USA airspace, when they should be listed in feet. Transition altitude for the entirety of the USA is 18,000 feet. Below I’ve compared the navigraph output to the low IFR enroute chart from the FAA.

Yes, sure, in many cases they will work out to be close enough to not matter, but if you’re ever in a situation where you’re flying something that you can’t take too high up (so you’re sticking to the MEA), and the local baro setting is far removed from standard (meaning that FL145 and local 14,500’ are quite different from each other), this could potentially cause signal reception issues for the navaids in question. Assuming a user’s simulator and plane actually simulate that, of course.

This is certainly not a game-breaker but it really should be fixed if we want to be as accurate as possible.