Error altitude

Good evening,
I flew from Madrid LEMD to Lima SPJC it tells me 33000 feet I don’t think this altitude is correct coming from the east if I don’t change my altitude I take the mountain range can you change it

what should we change? We only know that you were flying from LEMD to SPJC and somewhere tells you to fly at 33000 feet?

So, which sim do you use?
Which addon do you use here?
And also not unimportant: which STAR do you use, where you have seen the 33000 feet altitude restriction?

A screenshot of the FMC and the whole flightplan are also helpful.

Without such basic information, we can’t help you. Sorry.


I would expect the initial altitude to be at odd levels to comply with Spain/Portugal RVSM with step to even at the appropriate point.

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