Massive differenve in ILS availablity between database releases - why?

According to LittleNavMap, in MS FS2020, the previous database update had 4606 ILS apparoaches available.

The current 2308 has 8745 available. Around double.

Why does this happen. I’ve seen this happen several times in the past.

Is there a reason for this, or is it a bug, because obviously the real world is not changing like this…?


we can’t answer this - it’s more a question to the LNM developer. Sorry.


What you see in the loading dialog has nothing to do with the Navigraph database which is perfectly fine for 2308. Just checked.

This dialog shows the number of ILS loaded from the MSFS simulator scenery library. I see only 4441 ILS for MSFS but still have to check with the latest beta update. Maybe an add-on interfering?


Thanks Alex - liebe Grüsse

No addons changed between those two database releases.

Some more details about the issue:
There was an error in LNM which reads the ILS from the
.../Community/navigraph-navdata-base... which it should not do. The preferred way is to ignore navaids from the Navigraph MSFS update and use the LNM navdata update instead.

In any case this does not affect LNM (no duplicate or wrong ILS shown) if the right scenery library mode is used (51. Load Scenery Library — Little Navmap User Manual). The mode is selected automatically with the latest release.

Will be corrected for the next release.


Excellent news. Thanks Alex.

So if LNM reads the Navigraph data directly, do I still need to perform a LNM Load to update the database for each new AIRAC, or does the Navigraph updater put the data in the correct place already?

Perhaps all that is required is an LNM restart?

LNM does not read the Navigraph data to be precise. You install a read-to-go database for LNM using the FMS Data Manager.
Reload is recommended if you updated add-on airports or in case of MSFS updates.


Thanks for that Alex, and as always, for your excellent knowledge and support.

I look forward to the next update.


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