Map preset selector not working

Let me see if the post is more visible here. I would like clarification regarding the use of these buttons (See Attached File), because they do not open, or they open when he wants them. i post already my bug (Bug? or i am a looser?) with a video, please is impossible to plan a VFR because a cannot choose the correct filters. Thx in advance



Please confirm you are running V 8.33.1 of Charts Desktop. Please advise version of Windows or MacOS



I confirm that I’m running the last version.
But i got to tell that happens even in browser charts not only with the desktop charts.

I can’t reproduce it. Can you try a different mouse/trackpad or computer?


Yes of course in my work doesn’t work anyway…with another mouse

When i get in my work i make another video

Here is a video from my work with Navigraph charts in Browser, with another mouse and different devices

2024-04-09 08-48-49.mkv (1.3 MB)

Hello! We are not able to reproduce this in either the desktop or the web application.

As far as I can see when reading up on this online, it seems like this could be a Windows thing.

But then you should see the same behavior in other apps as well… Do you get the same issues in the Navigraph Hub for example? Or do you only get this issue for those particular map controls?

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i don’t have any issues on Navigraph Hub and other apps in Windows, the other map controls works for example: the arrow to follow the aircraft, and the change od Dark mode.

Can i give you a log? or i don’t know

i confirm only for this two maps controls…here is a short video
2024-04-09 12-31-50.mkv (1.8 MB)

We’ll try to dive a bit deeper as soon as we have available resources! I am currently at a loss as to how this could be the case for you.

You can, but it would not include anything of interest in this case. I will turn on extended logging for your account just in case, but I don’t have high hopes. It looks like our app is just responding to whatever mouse events your computer is sending it.

Do you have the ability to try this on a separate computer?

Also, are you able to navigate those menus using your keyboard? To do so, please:

  1. Press the preset selector (top button with text)
  2. Press the Tab ↹ key - a highlight should appear
  3. Press the Enter key - this should trigger the button the same way a single click would

Does it work as expected when using it this way?

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Do it even with the keyboard does no appears the menu, here is a quick video

2024-04-09 14-43-23.mkv (1.1 MB)

That is odd…

Could you sign out of the app, then sign in again and try it again? We are not seeing any logs from you yet, and following these steps could fix this.

Also make sure that you use the same account in the app as here in the forum!

Kind Regards,

I have only this account that is the same, and, No! it doen’s work with the sign out

man this is frustrating…

Sorry, I was probably not clear enough. I meant that signing out and then in again could fix the issue with no logs being sent to us! I don’t expect it to solve the original issue, I’m afraid.

ok! So i create a new user windows account, and i try navigraph from that account and you know what?works!
What the hell could it be that I have on the same computer at work (where I don’t have anything simulated flight) and on the one at home, that compromises the use of these 2 buttons?
Damn IT

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Hahaha, so it was something system-level after all! That’s peculiar for sure…

I don’t know what IT installs on your computers unfortunately, but I am happy that you found a workaround! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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NO Guys! the topic is no closed, so i tested in the PC of my girlfriend that is brand new and have the same issue. Now I am willing to investigate thoroughly why this is not possible

I’ll say one thing, the error should also make the other Map controls buttons, but the question is why only those 2 buttons?
It also does this in another PC device at my work.

This is quite interesting! You are the first person to report this issue and we have still been unable to reproduce it ourselves. I have removed the “solved” highlight!

Is there anything in common between all these computers? Did creating a new account help in the case of your girlfriend’s computer?