Magnetic wind?

where can we see the magnetic wind at the arrival airport?

Servus @niksan29

good question. Wind directions are given in True Course (TC) and Runway directions are given in Magnetic Headings (MH). The difference is the local Variation (VAR).

Means: Wind (True) vom 270° in CYYZ (Toronto) with Variation (VAR) of (-) 10°W gives a wind direction 280° Magnetic.

Runway 24R (MH 237°) has an crosswind component in this case of 43° instead of 33°.

BR Alex

Yep, Alex, I know how it is calculated, but I would like to have it immediately in the calculation of the flight plan, this is an important parameter for Airbus mcdu🤗

I don’t see this is handled in any other way in real-life, sorry mate! We’ve to do this as well.

lol, actually we are discussing in a simulator and not real life…
and as far as I know, in real life, it’s also not the pilot who calculates this in direct flight, but ATIS provides it👍
for example, in the popular active sky weather engine for fsx/p3d/xp, this is done🤗

And, as far as I am still working in real-life as a dispatcher and doing this as well on a daily basis, we are still doing this the way described above (dispatch and flight crew).

And as I’ve already mentioned: the METAR provides wind in relation to True North (TN) whereas runways are assigned to Magnetic Headings (MH) and the difference is the Variation (VAR). Quite simple to solve.
As you are listening the ATIS (or reading…), wind is given in relation to Magnetic. So there’s nothing to solve.

And if you are not searching for realism, where’s the point in knowing these facts?

In addition to realism in the simulator, we also want convenience👋
moreover, this has already been done in other tools for the convenience of users (for example, the active sky that I mentioned above), so why don’t we add this to simbrief?:hugs:

P.S and so, we found out that this is not implemented at the moment, then we need a direct path here: Feature Requests - Navigraph

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