MacOs 11.1 unable to link Navigraph charts and XPlane 11.51r1 Part II

Good day.

I have the same problem of a topic that has been closed with a fix.

It’s suggests to trash both Navigraph charts and Simlik apps. I worry that I will loose my “saved Flight Plans” or they reside in my Navigraph account?. I would hate to loose them

Can the “fix” be done on Safari, or I should download Firefox Mac?

I have changed the default security preferences on my Mac.

Thanks for your time. Fred



The Flight Plans are held in your account. You can check by accessing Charts Cloud.

Not sure of the fix you mentioned, maybe post a link.


Hi Ian

I read the “fix” in the topic: “Cannot link Navigraph Charts to XPlane”:

“I am replying to this issue… With the assistance of Ahir Vishal of navigraph technical support I was able to resolve this issue. The solution was to change the Firefox (Mac) preferences to allow Navigraphs Charts and Simlink to communicate with XPlane. Once this was done we tested the link and it worked. Thanks to Vishal for showing me how this is done.”

I understand that I should uninstall both Charts and Simlink apps. And if I am right, download Firefox for Mac, make it the preferred browser. Download Charts and Simlink and make Firefox to allow Firefox to communicate with Plane.

Not sure if I am correct in thinking that this complex procedure will solve the problem.

Thanks for your help. Fred