LIBV - Missing Charts

The airport has ILS approaches that load into the map but no corresponding charts.

Hi srcrain, You will need to give a bit more info for the Team at Navigraph to help, for example:

  • What Rwy?
  • What ILS Approach?
  • Which charts are missing for you? all of them or just the ILS?

LIBV as far as I can tell is a MIL airfield , and the ILS is a:
ILS or LOC Z Rwy 32L


The specific details for this issue are - it is the ILS Y RWY 32L approach with the DO90O transition. There is no chart for that or the other ILS Z RWY32L approach. Additionallly there are no charts at all for this airport (LIBV).
I thought (maybe incorrectly) that any airport with an ILS approach would have a corresponding chart.
As a beta tester I was just passing this information along. Although this issue is separate from MSFS. I don’t really need a fix.