LTFM Procedure views

Would like to know why the STAR procedures, on the left side do not match up
and in general, why do some not match up to charts with a direct lines and instead have an arc?

Edit: in addition, procedure view does not have charts for VOR approaches. LTFM uses same charts for “LOC or VOR”, but does not have an option to view charts for VOR approaches. only draws the line on map, when it should* open the chart for LOC, which is “LOC or VOR”



This particular rendering looks like a bug. We’ll have a look.

The chart lookup isn’t fail safe, it works in nearly all cases but not here when the charts are combined “LOC or VOR”. We’ll see if this can be improved.



Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
Also want to say that, this “rendering bug” also applies to LTFJ STAR’s

seems like it doesn’t like PMS :joy:

Hi! This issue should now be fixed. Let us know if you’re still seeing any issues!

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Thanks for the update, much love as always

Just one last remaining at LTFM

Haha, thanks! Will add that to our bug tracker :slight_smile: