LTBA charts outdated

Hello, I recently landed to LTBA, Ataturk airport and I noticed that the Navigraph charts are missing the 2 new runways and some taxiways. Jeppesen charts include these new runways for almost a year. As long Jeppesen provides the maps for Navigraph shouldn’t be already updated??

Hi …
LTBA is closed since over a year. LTBA has only 05/23 and has all procedures included, also all two ILSs. The new offical airport for Istanbul has now the ICAO code LTFM and is uptodate since the new airport opens.

Here the LTBA airport information directly from the AIP Turkey:


PS: you wrote, that Jeppesen provide these new runways for LTBA for more then one year, please can you forward us a screenshot of these chart. Thank you

Hello, and thanks for your response. I am aware that the airport is closed in real life I just wondered why it is not updated to its final state as regards the runways.

Here is the screenshot you requested

You will find the answer on your own chart:


Great info, I suppose the Navigraph FMS Data should also delete the procedures for these runways as long as they are no longer valid.

Sir again, as I have written before and as you see from the AIP - runway 05/23 is still valid and there are also available terminal procedures and charts. The other runways 17LR/35LR are not available anymore and there are no terminal procedure available - no charts nor navdata. So what exactly do you expect now?


At first I would expect a more calm approach to our converstaion by your side.
Secondly I made mistake that I thought that procedures for 17LR/35LR are included in FMS data, I rechecked that now.

I wasn’t aware that these runways are not valid anymore that why I made the question.


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