Lisbon (LPPT) airport

Hi guys, I have taken off twice from Lisbon (LPPT). Once in January and now in February. Runway 17/35 is no longer a runway but a taxiway, with the taxi code Tango. On Vatsim the ATC uses Tango taxiway to taxi me to runway 21. The Navigraph chart is incorrect. Can this chart be updated as I was also being told by the ATC to use Alpha to cross runway 21. The current chart is still Sierra. Thanks.

There is a temporary suspension of RWY 17/35 and depicted in AIP supplement 044/2019 where you can find an amended chart.

Neither the main Portugal AIP or EuroControl have this chart published in main content as yet.

Taxiway designation is listed in AIP Supplement 043/2019

In addition both AIP Supplements are activated by NOTAM

Check the NG charts for construction works :wink:

ValidityFrom 05-DEC-2019 Until Further Notice. This Supplement will be activated by NOTAM