LRCL approach chart

Dear Navigraph team!
I would like to address you with the question that during my approach to Cluj (LRCL) today, I noticed that for some reason the approach chart on the pmdg tablet does not show my aircraft. When I disembarked and switched to the airport taxi chart, it was already showing. I wonder why that might be.

The screenshots:

That’s because that particular approach chart isn’t geo-referenced. So you won’t be able to show an aircraft location on it

dear Vatnsfjord,how do you mean that there is no geo-referenced on it?

Without knowing the actual technology behind it, the chart it self lacks any geo-reference points(water, river, or terrain), so there’s no ‘scale’ to it. I.e. no actual way of knowing where the plane is at any given point on it.

Compare that chart to BIAR 10-2(a geo-referenced chart) You can immediately see the difference in detail

Oh really, there will never be such charts?

Moving Map requires geo-referenced charts. Our charts supplier provides some geo-referenced e.g Chart 12-2 and some without geo-referencing (typically not to scale) e.g 10-2A

There are many posts accessed by searching on geo-reference e.g. In EFP of Fenix A320 in some Charts is not curren tSim Position showing - #2 by Ian


dear Ian, thanks for your reply, now I understand how it works and it’s not my fault!