LGSA APP CHARTS / Moving Map does not work

Good day,

yesterday i made a flight from LGAV to LGSA in Greece.

Actually, the moving map on APP to RWY 11 (10-2D) did not show my airplane, later on the VOR Z RWY 11 the moving map icon was back again.

Also i saw strange behaviour of my route display on top, see attachement (red square).



The LGSA 10-2D is not georeferenced and hence does not support moving maps. See this symbol on such charts:

That top route display looks odd indeed. Can you get it repeatedly or just once?



Thanks Stephen for your quick reply, didn´t know about the reference “not to scale”.

Got it. Is that also in the manual? Would be good to know for others, too.

Concerning the route display, which really looked odd - had it the first time yesterday on my ipad, today it looks normal.