LPMA RNAV-V (Maderia Rnav visual)

Hello, the Rnav Visual approach into maderia (LPMA) is already publisched on the 12-1A chart and is based on the RNP A as a guided visual apprach with prescribed waypoints and altitudes. This visual approach is also used irl (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqbUIaGm3KQ&t=1764s) although there might be slight variations with other airlines as this type of approach is a “company overlay approach”

My request would be to add the RNAV-V05 to t he AIRACC becouse the imputing of custom waypoints is quite hard and can be timeconsuming. Airlines like the lufthansa group/British airways/easyjet etc. all have this approach intigrated in the fmc. (view pictures)

Thanks and greetings