Lots of info missing compared to Aerosoft charts - what can we expect

Hello Navigraph,

A lot of info is still missing from your enroute charts. For example, frequencies for ATC, ADIZ information, CPDLC logon information, Minimum Enroute Altitudes etc.

I have attached some screenshots showing the difference between Navigraph and Aerosoft charts. It is quite important to know MEAs - for example when flying around the mountainous areas of Pakistan I have attached.

I last inquired in 2021, but haven’t seen much change since then with regard to this info. I hope such info is planned to be implemented? :slight_smile:

A lot of this info helps you fly more realistically and get a feel for enroute ATC procedures much more. Navigraph currently really lacks in enroute information.

I would look forward to your response, and thank-you for taking the time to read this.

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Hi Rudy,
I´m curious but what are the red-values under or right of the official published MEAs?


Thank you,

Hi Richard,

the red numbers represent the Lido calculated MTCA (Minimum Terrain Clearance Altitudes) based on Terrain and Obstacle data. Looks like this numbers are not a missing info but rather a question of charting standards / available data delivered by Jeppesen.

Ah ok, thanks Jan … I have asked because I have tried to compare our MEAs with the Lido MEAs from the screenshot and I haven’t found any difference.

Only for the red values, I haven’t found anything in our database. I have assumed that this is a Lido specificum and not anything what the AIPs offer.

So, the question for me is now … What does Rudy miss on the MEAs?

Danke Jan - hoff, wir sehen uns in Vegas? :slight_smile:


This year I am not there. Maybe next year again. Lelystad could also be an option for next year.

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My typo - I am missing the MTCAs in the Navigraph charts. They are useful when considering decompression procedures. Looks like they may be LIDO-specific?

As for the info such as frequencies and CPDLC info and ADIZ - is this part of your source data? Or is this part of the Jeppesen airways manual and not in the charts data?

Kind regards, and thanks of the responses gentlemen,


Hi Rudy,

Yes, it looks so - I haven´t found any data to this in our source. Also this one

Both frequencies are special and not part of the source data. It could also a mix (specially the ADIZ frequency) between civil and military data - we only use civil data and possible therefore such types of frequencies are not included in our source.

I´m honest, I´m not sure if such frequencies are very common here in Europe and I can´t remember to seen/read any request of such frequencies in the last 20 years (even as we had used the Lido data) - so this is also new for me too :wink:

Sorry, that we haven´t any better news for you in this case …


Hi there,

I am not referring to any special frequeincies, I am referring to notes like in the screenshot above such as the box in the first screenshot instructing to contact Oakland Oceanic with posititon report at FIR boundary (top left of first screenshot) and all the HF frequencies listed for Oakland there as well.

Also for example in the second screenshot, frequencies for Cherat Approach in the green box, and another example is the Kabul FIR note.

Nothing to do with military freqs or anything like that. Also the CPLDC logon information such as Oakland KZAK in the greenbox in the first screenshot saying to logon 45-15 minutes before FIR entry. Is none of this info provided to Navigraph?

Hi again,
I have now looked deeper into it and long story short - no, we don´t have this kind of information (at least in our source data, which is the base for our maps). I can´t say, if Lido has this information in their data or if this information is only displayed on the charts. But fact is, that we don´t have it and I´m honest, in all my 20 years, this was the first request of such frequencies, of such information. What don´t mean it´s un-important but it looks not so common.

Sorry, that we can’t provide this kind on information …


No worries. Thanks for the replies, Richard :slight_smile: