Airways segment MSA data missing on enroute charts

Hi interested if I have missed something in my settings etc,

I do not have the MSA between fixes on the low (or high) enroute charts and can not find the info in the airway segment data block, I can see a Max altitude but not the MSA for the route. This is the single most important data point on a chart to prevent CFIT etc and its exclusion from the navigraph charts would seem like an oversight, therefore I assume I must have missed something?

any help would be appreciated.

Hello, can you zoom in on a jet route for me and attach a screen shot?

Hi jsokoloff,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Here is a screen shot from the iPad app as requested. For reference this is as zoomed in as the app will allow and is in the vicinity of NZNS.

And here is a screen grab from sky vector in the same area, notice the 5800 MSA above the H252 route for example.

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Unfortunately this data isn’t published by Jeppesen at this moment, but it might be in the future. We’ve asked them in the past and are checking in at regular intervals.



Thanks Stephen,

I appreciate the quick response, this information is available through Jeppesen FD explorer and open source from sky vector for example so hopefully, it will be supplied to navigraph soon.

Overall the appearance and ease of use of Navigraph has been excellent, the absence of the enroute MSA however is a big issue for my personal use case for currency and practice. The lack of MSA awareness is the leading cause of CFIT worldwide, while I know this product is intended as an enthusiast aid the reality is future pilots may well be using this as a tool to train. This is not meant to be a harsh criticism of an otherwise excellent product but I do hope you will understand that with critical information missing like enroute MSA I would not be able to recommend your product to my real-world students/other pilots. Clearly, your business is doing well so this may not be a concern to you :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering my question and all the best with the continued development of your product.