Login issues with Android mobile app

When I attempt to login to Navigraph mobile on Android, I enter my credentials and click Sign In and nothing happens. The sign in button fades a bit when I press it and then comes back to its brighter red color. If I try doing a refresh, I receive the following Error:

There is an error determining which application you are signing into. Return to the application and try again.

Request Id: bd0e6fb5-4fcb-413a-b2c5-208713dd8970

I can sign in with the same credentials via the website, and the desktop app. I’ve also had no issues with the in-sim toolbar or with the linking to my account via some of the aircraft with the option to do so like the Vision Jet.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Android version 13, One UI version 5.0, Microsoft Edge browser 110.0.1587.50

Same happened to me this morning. After downloading and installing on my Samsung A52, Uponr Clicking Sign In, Nothing happened:



What if you try Chrome or Firefox as default browser instead of Edge? Just to test the signin.


I’ll have to download one of them to test, but I prefer Edge and my understanding is it now uses the same engine as Chrome so I’m surprised it isn’t working. I’ll give them a try and let you know.

I tried both the Samsung Internet browser and Chrome and both let me sign in. Once I was signed in since it keeps you logged in, even over a reboot of the phone, I was able to switch my default browser back to Edge and I can now use the mobile version. I would still like to know why Edge doesn’t work since it uses the same engine as Chrome does.

Glad to hear it is working now.

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