Load Flight Plan during active flight on default aircrafts


Subscribed yesterday to Navigraph and I am still finding my bearing. I am flying MSFS on PC, usually I use the default TBM 930 with the G3000.

Is there a way to load the flight plan in the simulator while in game? I usually perform multi-leg flights, and I try to avoid quitting the simulator.

I understood reading around that is possible to load a Simbrief generated plan on the world map, but I was wondering if there is a way to load it as well during an active flight.

Thanks for the support…

Hi Giuseppe! Thanks for posting and sorry for the delay!

The TBM 930 and its G3000 avionics only reads the simulator flightplan once on initial load. In order to change the flightplan after that, you need to do it from within the avionics themselves.

That said, if you are on PC, our avionics plugin can load flightplans from SimBrief at any point! Perhaps that could be helpful in your case?

Kind Regards,

Hello Sir

Many thanks for the reply, no need to apologize.

I will try that…lately I passed to the bigger brother the Pilatus PC-12, but I will happily come back to te TBM to try the plugin out

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