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I was reading this post:

And I am curious-does this function have any bearing on MSFS ATC?

As an example if I spawn at an airport with no flight plan created/loaded from MSFS world map, can I create a flight plan or import a flight plan via navigraph and then use the “load as active MSFS flight plan” button to have ATC give me the option to get an IFR clearance for that flight?

It would seem through my usage of MSFS that if you create a VFR flight plan from airport to airport and the departure airport offers clearance delivery service you can get an IFR clearance for that route (Airport to Airport) but I do not really know what route MSFS thinks your are going to fly as the clearance only includes the CRAFT elements.

Thanks in advance.

Actually…I created an IFR flight plan from KSBA to KCRQ, loaded at KSBA with no flight plan at all from MSFS world map and then exported from Navigraph and I was able to get an IFR clearance. So I guess I answered my own question.

Now a second one :smile: I am flying the default SR22 from MSFS BUT…I am using the Working Title G1000 NXi and when I hit “load active…” the flight plan is not loaded. I am assuming that this is because this is not the default G1000. Is there any workaround?

Hi there Charles! Sorry for the late reply.

Since the more advanced implementations of real-life avionics (G1000, FMCs etc) require the developer to depart from using the simulator’s built-in navigational systems because of its low quality, these addons/implementations often have their own, completely separate navigation systems that do not receive any updates when the simulator flightplan changes.

This ultimately means that when the panel exports a route to the simulator, the G1000 NXi is most likely not going to recognize that there has been a change since it keeps its “own version” of the route.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we at Navigraph can do here. We update the “most common source of truth”, and cannot realistically or possibly integrate with every addon there is even if we’d love to!


Some implementations, such as the FBW A320, do allow you to perform manual syncs with the simulator to get the flightplan “up-to-date”. Perhaps there is such a thing in the NXi as well?

Sorry for the inconvenience! I hope this sheds some light on the situation.

EDIT: Here’s the relevant part of the docs for the FBW A320. Note the disclaimer:

Synchronization Issues Expected

The aircraft’s custom Flight Management System provides better accuracy and features over the default flight plan manager in Microsoft Flight simulator which results in issues syncing the flight plan from the MCDU back into the simulator. Do not expect it to work properly in all cases.

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