LIPZ SID problem


I wanted to fly from LIPZ to LOWW. Active runway was 04R. I could not set SID from runway, my FMC freezes for a few seconds, than gave me no options. I should enter manually the wayponts.

Is there anything I do not know, or it has a sollution?

This only happens at this airport.

Majestic Q400 pro

Thanks for help

Are you selecting the runway 04R in the FMC ?

If so as the procedures serve both Left and Right then try just selecting the SID.

Of course.

Menu/depart/ type LIPZ, select rw04R

Then the FMC freezes. After a few seconds, it functions again, but the SID list is empty.

Do not select the runway !

Select only the SID where it serves multiple runways as is the case here. If it still does not work post which SID you are having issues with.

It is how the FMC works in the Q400 and has always been this way with the Majestic.

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Ok, so then it is fine. I did not know, that I should not select the rwy in an airport like this.

Now it’s working. Thank you!

@srcooke great support - thank you very, very much for your assistance Stephen … :clap:


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