Weird 'go around-and-back' first point in FMS - Cannot get rid of it


I am flying out of LIMC with SID: FARA5Q from Rwy 35L, where the SID is designed to follow 340 degrees > 320 degrees > 292 degrees > 147 degrees, before completing the SID, but the FMS is forcing a weird first ‘go-around’ 17R, which essentially takes me all the way around and then south of the runway and then back north again to 35L, before the SID actually begins. This is not in the airport charts (nor does it make any sense). I deleted that first point / course in the FMS, which causes the FMS to not show a next fix and the PFD to still show that 17R. This is happening on the Majestic Dash 8 - Q400 in Prepar3RD v 5.2. What is causing this issue? What’s the solution?

To my recollection, this does not happen in X-Plane, where I am using the much more rudimentary and bare-bone basic FMS by Laminar

in general (without testing), when this procedure is working correctly somewhere (in ypur case XPlane), than we can be sure that the path is coded correctly in the navdata.

In most cases than, it’s a interpretation issue with the different leg types in the addon FMCs. In this case are many course to altitude, intercept headings, … and therefore I’m quite sure, that this is also here the case.

Have you asked the question in the Majestic forum? Again, the source seems to be correct because it works on XPlane, the data for Majestics are the same but only stored in a database - the leg types and values are exactly the same.

I would recommend to ask it to Majestic.
Thank you

Hi Richard,

It makes sense. I’ll check with Majestic. Thank you so much!

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