CRJ700 VNKT VQPR STAR crashing whole Sim

Hello, i wrote the Aerosoft support and they adviced me to write here in the forum. In FMC with the newest AIRAC 2105, the whole MSFS2020 freezes, when selection STAR or SID in VNKT or VQPR.

sorry, but this is 100% an Aerosoft CRJ issue.

The reason is, that I have tested it with the default data of the CRJ which will be delivered by Aerosoft (NavDataPro). When you try the RNAV15-Y approach, the sim freeze also with their data. So, that has nothing todo with us or with the sim - it´s something in the CRJ.

Everyone can test this by his own. Install the CRJ, don´t update the data with our data and try to select the RNAV15-Y approach - freezing … no Navigraph data installed.

Sorry, for the bad news and the ping-pong but it seems, the guys there hasn´t tested your report. Again, it happens with their NavDataPro data (which are included in the CRJ setup) also.


Hi, thank you for the clarification. I will inform Aerosoft, i hope they will not send me back :+1:

No problem … they can´t sent you back because it happens in their data also - so this would be very unprofessional and normally they aren´t … keep us in the loop, if you want but I´m pretty sure, that this is an issue in the CRJ. VQPR has a lot of “radius to fix” legs, in some approaches multiple times - it looks there is a calculation error somewhere, but we will see what they say :wink:

Good luck and thank you!

Just FYI - i already were asking, and they confirmed that there are issues in how CRJ processes this kind of RNAV approaches (issues is for example in VQPR , NZQN and other airports with these complex RNAV approaches).

This squeze, according to them, will be fixed in next CRJ update.

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