Missing RNAV 21 at KTUS

Hey there!

First of all thanks for your always updated navdata!

I just come back from a diversion flight to KTUS. The vatsim controller assigned me an approach to RNAV 21. In navigraph I have the charts for this approach, but it did not show up in the FMS as an available option. All other approaches were available though. Could you check if it’s really missing in the database? Otherwise it might be an issue with the FMS (using the WT CJ4 mod).

thanks for your help!

Hi Patrick,
you´re welcome - thanks to you for using our service, for testing our data and of course for the report, because without such reports, we can´t improve the data, we can´t improve such services. Therefore, we need it :slight_smile:

To your question about the RNAV 21 approach into KTUS:
I have looked into our data and we have the RNAV 21 approach, so I have checked to plan a flight in the worldmap, because the worldmap uses exactly the same data source as all other aircrafts (defaults and mods). And here I have the correct R21 approach:

I haven´t tested with the WorkingTitle CJ4 sorry, but the data are included and should be visible and available. Possible, you ask the WT dev´s the guys there are really great and very helpful … sorry, but again - it looks like, that the data are correct so far :wink:



Hi Richard,

Thanks for checking! I tried to reproduce and I now know what happened… The issue is between the chair and the screen… so human error. The vatsim controller assigned me a DINGO5 arrival for RNAV21. Which is not compatible. I activated the STAR in the FMS and thus the RNAV21 wasn’t an option. The RNAV21 shows up perfectly well when no STAR or the ZONNA1 (which is the one he should’ve assigned me) is selected. So all good! Sorry about that! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the feedback Patrick - I love “human errors” :wink: … no joke, let us know, when something is unclear, where ever - we are here to help you (or better we try it) :+1:

Greetings from your neighbor country (A) :wink:

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