Lat/Long Coordinate waypoints not being imported properly

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I was trying to get VFR flight setup but with help of the G1000 for a bit more simplicity, I set up waypoints through SkyVector and copied them into a Simbrief flight plan then generated an OFP.

After, I imported the flight plan into the NXi and some of the waypoints showed up a bit funny and the order is a bit messed up.

FLPN: DAAE/26 DCT 363829N0051521E 362935N0054317E DCT TAJEN DCT 353852N0060128E 341512N0062119E DAUO/13

So from what I can see is that it completely gets rid of the second coordinate (3629…), then it places the waypoint TAJEN after the β€˜3538…’ coordinate. So the only correct waypoints I got out of the whole flight plan was the first and last waypoint. As a little test, I went back to SkyVector and moved some of the points around then did the whole process again of bringing it into the NXi just to see if it would make a difference and it was pretty much the same.


Hi! Thanks for posting.

I can reproduce this issue, and will investigate it!

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This should be fixed in the recently released v1.2.0.
Please give it a go and let me know how it works out!

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Hi Malte,

That’s great to hear, thanks for the quick reply and fix.

Will test it out later and let you know, thanks a lot.

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