Oceanic waypoints question

I keep getting a few odd looking waypoints. Note the circled points. Auto download into sim fmc throws in waypoints that are 5000nm away.

Looks like to me the lat/long when you’re crossing an FIR boundary.

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Hi, while these waypoints are indeed valid, it’s possible your FMC is not able to import them properly.

The only thing I can suggest in this case is to delete such waypoints before generating your flight plan. And maybe reach out to the developer of your FMC/add-on to report this issue to them.

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Understood. I manually edit. I guess a better question is why does the formatting change just for these 2 waypoints?

It’s because they are more precise lat/longs than the other waypoints, so it’s necessary to include degrees and minutes in the waypoint name. For example:

10S154W = 10° 00’ 00" South, 154° 00’ 00" West
0330S14454W = 3° 30’ 00" South, 144° 54’ 00" West

Seconds can also be defined, which results in even longer waypoints:

033045S1445445W = 3° 30’ 45" South, 144° 54’ 45" West

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I know they are more precise. Again, the question is why is Simbrief picking random waypoints and generating positions down to minutes? The Salty 747, popular freeware, chokes on these precise points when importing the flight plan.

Quite simply, because real world flights used this route. SimBrief doesn’t randomly generate routes with these waypoints. That route came straight from a real world flight plan.

As @dougsnow pointed out above, they likely planned these coordinates because they were located along an FIR boundary. In some airspaces, I think including boundary waypoints might even be mandatory.

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