Dispatch adding Lat/Long waypoints FP wont integrate with AC

Noticed lately that Generated Simbrief flightplans are adding lat/long waypoint positions which is preventing Plan to be imported into Fenix and FBW MCDU giving a FP waypoint mismatch error. To import, the lat/long has to be deleted on Simbrief website and DCT added in lieu. Plan then regenerated then MCDU will import plan successfully. Haven’t tried with PMDG or other aircraft only Fenix A320 and FBW A32N.

Hi, this is a long standing issue with the Fenix. Unfortunately not much we can do to fix it from our end, but the fix should be relatively simple for them.

You might want to report this to Fenix support as well.

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Thanks, seems to affect the FBW A32NX and Headwind A339 also. Must be an Airbus problem.