KSMX LOC-A missing BC

Santa Maria (KSMX) has a LOC DME (Back Crs)-A approach. When selecting the approach in the G3000 (MSFS) based aircraft, it shows up without (BC) identified. KSNA’s LOC BC apch shows (BC) in the apch selection. Not sure if this has to do with the source data (I’m using Navigraph Hub to load MSFS)? Just noticed the inconsistency. Both of these are used in the Pilotedge I- ratings.

Indeed both approaches are LOC back courses, so flying them is no issue. Just the process of selecting them in the G3000 “Proc” selection list.

I can confirm it - but it´s not a data issue in source it´s more a parser issue on our side. Thanks for the report. We have following procedure-identifier in the source: LBCA … which means:

BC = back-course
A = approach-prefix …

So in other words, the information is there but I have made a wrong interpretation of this information. I will fix it till the next cycle, that means you should expect a correct naming-convention with AIRAC 2306.

Thanks again for the hint and the report! I will keep this topic open, till it´s fixed … will inform you, when it´s done!

Thank you & have a good day,

Hi again,
I have now looked deeper into the specification … this approach is primarily designed/coded as localizer dme approach and can also be used as back course approach. Therefore it´s coded as L (= localizer) with the prefix BC-A …

Here from the FAA, which is exactly what we have in our database

The problem now is the limitation in MSFS, because the MSFS doesn´t follow the standard ARINC rules - they use an very old/none standard format which has a very limited structure. In this case, I can´t set the exact “procedure-identifier” and therefore the BC part is missing, even if we have it in our data.

Sorry, but that´s a MSFS limitation (in general, not only in the G3000).


Thanks so much for the detailed response on this. Helps me understand. Not sure why the KSNA LOC BC 2L shows up properly, but the KSMX does not. Regardless, this is a minor, and there are very few LOC BC approaches in play. Pilotedge uses these two which is why I inquired.

Again, thanks very much. I have shared the details below with the pilotedge community for their awareness.


Hi again Kirk,
you welcome and additional because I was curious to your second example the KSNA localizer BC approach. This approach has the procedure identifier B02L, which means:

B = localizer back course,
02 = runway
L = designator

So, in this case, you can 100% say it´s a backcourse approach and therefore you can set it in the MSFS data as “LOCALIZER-BACKCOURSE” and therefore you see the BC I guess.

The difference between these two example are, that the KSMX is a kind of CTL (= circle to land) approach, means without any runway-ident … you have only “LOC DME (BACK CRS) - A”. Comparing with the KSNA approach, you have a explicit runway-ident in this approach “LOC (BACK CRS) RWY 02L”

Thats the different between these two approaches and that´s the reason why the KSMX can´t really coded as LOC-BC approach only - the runway ident is missing. Whenever you have a runway ident, a LOC-BC approach will be coded as BC approach and you should see the “BC” on the Garmin.

Hope that helps and brings a little bit light into this - indeed, a little bit tricky but sometimes the small things are the important one :wink:

Have a nice day and thanks for the question,

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