KSAV ILS 01 wrong frequency

MSFS2020 KSAV wrong frequency for ILS 01 in auto tune 111.35 should be 111.9


we have 111.90 for the ILS 01 at KSAV. 111.35 is for ILS 10. Is it possible that you have select the wrong approach?

Can you make screenshots please that we can try to reproduce? Thank you

OK thanks for your quick reply … the problem occurs when I select the ILS 01 in the MSFS2020 A320 when you look at the RAD NV page the AutoTune selects 111.35 for runway 01 … if I select manually 111.90 it works ok So the ils 01 is defenitly in there but it is not the frequency assigned to the IS 01 in the database .

I am doing another flight at this time I will dend you pic s of that after I land


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