KPDX 28R ILS missing

The 28R ILS at KPDX should be IIAP/111.30. It seems to be missing in the stock MSFS scenery. When you tune 111.30 you get IDVG/111.30 which is the shared ILS with 10L.

Is this a known problem or is there a fix for this?

it seems this is a sim limitation - we offer the correct frequency with the correct localizer ident. You can check this via the LittleNav Map.

Here the ILS 10L:

… and here ILS 28R:

You see, the ILS ident is different but the frequency is equal - so the data are available but it looks that the sim doesn´t recognize it. Sorry.

Please report this to ASOBO/MS - as you see, the data are available and also correct.