Kmsy missing current parking gatges & coords plate


I’ve noted that the current Parking Gates & Coords (10-9B) Plate is outdated and does not reflect the current terminals and gates (Old Concourses A-C Plate).

Hopefully an update is possible for the new Terminal with concourses A-D will be available?

Thank you!

Hi Mike,
sorry, I´m not family with this area, but are you really sure, that this diagram is up to date? Because for me, it looks like that is the old building and not the new one. Also when you´re looking on the map directly on the airport-webpage you see the “Terminal” symbol on the other side. So for me charts looks correct so far.

Reference link:

To report such wrong charts, we need any official document (like from the FAA, any AIP reference or something silimar). This picture looks very outdated I guess.