Keep having to scan QR code in the FMS

I keep having to scan the QR code in my fms all the time to import the flight plan from Simbrief. This started about 2 months ago. Before then, the flight plans were ready to import into the FMS without having to scan the QR code. Any reason why this may have changed?



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What FMS are you talking about? Navigraph has not developed any FMS systems.

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No, inside the sim G3000 panel within the aircraft. When I select Simbrief, I keep having to scan the QR code and logging into Navigraph to load the flight plan. Before I only had to do this one time, now it’s every time I fly.

Hope this clarifies things.

That sounds unexpected! I am not able to reproduce this issue.

To investigate this further, we need you to collect some debugging information. Unfortunately, this process is not very straightforward, so please bear with me and feel free to ask follow-up questions!

First, please install this custom version of the G3000/G5000 plugin:

Then, make sure that you are using a default aircraft (such as the TBM930) and load up the simulator a couple of times. Does the issue persist?

If it does, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open http://localhost:19999 in a browser while the simulator is up and running

  2. At the bottom of the list that appears, click the link containing the word WTG3000_GTC_1

  3. In the interface that appears, select the “Console” tab located along the top of the screen

  4. Scroll down in the log until you find Navigraph G3000 GTC plugin installed.

  5. Within a few lines of the above row, there should be two rows that looks like this:
    Please click on the “Object” text to expand it, showing the full information that it contains.

  6. Take a screenshot of the result, something like this:

  7. Restart the simulator and follow the same steps again

The only real reason why you would not stay signed in is that the avionics were unable to persist your credentials. This is sort of beyond what we can affect, unfortunately. The only known fix so far is to add an arbitrary delay to the authentication process, but there is not “one delay to rule them all” either so it is not perfect.

These debug steps should help us confirm if this is what is causing your issue!

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Following the above steps, I am not getting WTG3000_GTC_1 in drop-down list.


Hello! Are you using the G3000 avionics suite? Please send a screenshot of the complete list!

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