Keep having CTD when using SimBrief FPL

Ok.I’m now throwing in the towel. I have performed clean installs, latest versions of everything and still have CTD after loading my SimBrief FPL. I’ve attached the latest plan from KSBY to KBWI in the TBM. Any help is appreciated. I’m not an expert with this planner yet, so it very well could be something I’m missing, but I give up. It was working just fine until this last MSFS2020 update.

I can enter the same plan in MSFS2020 planner and it works just fine.

Thanks in advance.


KSBYKBWI_MFS_18Jan22.pln (1.9 KB)
KSBYKBWI_PDF_1642480401.pdf (601.4 KB)

Hi, I tried to import your flight plan into the MSFS world map and did not get a CTD. At what point exactly are you seeing the CTD? Does it happen with every SimBrief flight plan or just that one?

Might also be worth posting this in the MSFS support forum to see if other users there have any guidance.

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O.K. Thanks. Will do. It happens randomly but always at the beginning of the flight. Sometimes before I even hit FLY and others once I’m at the end of the runway taking off.

I’ve also noticed when I try to change the time of day (UTC) it will also crash. I’ll keep investigating.