KDSM Runway 5/23 incorrect

Today while doing some research on KDSM - Des Moines International, Iowa, USA, I noticed that the FAA charts depict Runway 5/23 as 6600’ - basically the portion of the runway from the intersection of 13/31 to the NE has been changed to a taxiway. This is a permanent change after doing some more research. Navigraph is still showing the old airport diagram with runway 5/23 back at the old 9004’ length. That also means the RNAV approach plates for 23 are probably wrong as well.

this is the official jepp airport diagram for Jeppesen from ForeFlight.

There are multiple NOTAMs that indicate the runway is TEMPORARILY shortened. The runway is NOT permanently shortened. Navigraph is correct the way it is.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the pic of the temporary construction changes. It looks like things are scheduled to go back to normal at KDSM on Oct 4th.

@pucksnplanes20 is abaolutely right …

Here one notam of this temporary change:

The construction ends in Oct/2023 - according the NOTAMs.

If this is not correct, please upload an official link where we can see the permanent change. Thank you!


Well, I stand corrected - I searched a lot last night trying to find something to indicate whether it was temporary or permanent. Found a lot about the new terminal construction which is set to begin soon, found the contract bid to shorten 5/23, but I missed this NOTAM. I should have read Jepp chart 10-8 more closely. Thanks for the clarification!

No probs … thanks to you, for auch interesting real world questions …


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