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Please see the below discord chat with the Working Title folks who write/support the MSFS 2020 FMS G1000 and G3000 systems, regarding a question that they think might be related to the nav data, which you could probably answer:

  1. KBUR ILS Z Rwy 8 apch, once est. on LOC, I set active leg to “RW08 map.” This is part of testing a technique some pilots use to show dist. to the RW while on the approach (GPS), while getting fixes such as faf via DME on the lower PFD display. I noticed that the last fix in the G3000 flight plan for the approach (prior to the missed apch) is RW08 map. But when tracking inbound using Foreflight, it appears that this fix is actually the end of the runway, not the MAP 0.9 short of the threshold. Yet the fix is called RW08 map. Just looking for clarity to ensure I understand how the G3000 uses this particular item/fix in the approach plan.

Matt (nishmaster) [Z-5] Today at 5:24 PM

If there’s no other MAP then it isn’t in the sim navdata

Please advise.


sorry but I don´t understand that … what does this mean, “if there is no other MAP”?

My understanding is, that there is only ONE MAP per approach available. Never seen multiple MAPs on one approach so it´s unclear for me what this mean exactly. Also on the ILS-Z 08 into KBUR …

I have looked into our source and the ILS-Z 08 the MAP is on the RW08. FAF is BUDDE. That´s exactly what we have in our data. I can´t say anything about Foreflight therefore I don´t know why the RW08 runway-waypoint is on the end of the runway.

When you look into our chart-app you will see that the final-approach part ends at 08 (green bar):

The same in our data:

I can´t say how the G3000 “interprets” these data and if it´s correct in the G3000 (nor in Foreflight) but I can´t see any issue here - here from the G1000:


I´m not sure, if I have understood the question exactly and where you see a data issue here, nor I understand Matt´s answer - possible I miss something in your discussion.



Yes, his wording I probably should not have included as it is indeed confusing. My original question was concerning the missed approach point showing on the approach chart as 0.9 before the end of the runway, but when I “activate leg” to the RW08 MAP, it seems to end right at the end of the runway (vs 0.9 prior) when flying the approach.

Sorry again for the various points of confusion. This was not any assumption regarding the data from Navigraph, just trying to figure out and get clarity on what I’m seeing.

This all started with a friend who is a King Air pilot who told me that his captain uses a technique to “light up the runway” in the G1000 by activating the final leg on the approach to the end of the runway, and I was trying this in MSFS 2020 when I noticed that in the G1000 (and G3000) flight plan when I loaded the approach, that there was only one point at the end of the approach (the MAP, which makes sense), and that it seemed to occur at the end of the runway when I was flying the approach.


Meant to include this in my note just now.

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