KATL RNP approaches need to be "arc-ed"

All 4 RNP approaches to KATL should have an arc format integrated into the approach that’s not there, that’s 26R/8L and 28/10. For 26R it’s between waypoints OLEGG/BAMBU; for 8L between EEERR/BAZAR; for 10: ELRAY/CTEEE; for 28 JAYQQ/WONZR. The distance between waypoints without the arc is not long enough and gives an extremely steep descent profile.
This is with Xplane 12, AIRAC 2307rev2, on Mac OS, for Toliss A319/321/346 (and probably 20N as well).

I don’t have screen shots of the approaches for the other end of the runways here (8L and 10), but they have the same issue.

thanks for the report. According the charts and the FAA there is no DME Arc. You see this also on your screenshots.

The connection between ie OLEGG and BAMBU is a simple turn without any DME Arc information. You see the same coding in the FAA database. So, the coding is exactly what you have in real life - also the path on the ND looks ok.


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