Database Issue?

I was flying the TBM into KMDW and ATC cleared me for RNAV (RNP) X Rwy 22L approach. I had to build the approach manually real fast because I couldn’t locate it in the PROC database on the GTC. My AIRAC Cycle is up to date.

What I’m I missing or is it a database issue?


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Thank your for reporting this. The RNAV (RNP) X Rwy 22L approach is missing in the TBM, though it is there in Charts. We shall investigate.


according the charts, this is an AR approach - is the TBM certified to fly such approach types? I ask because we have this approach in our database - try to look on the CJ4, the WorldMap or in the FBW A320 …


Here is the corresponding link from Matt (Working Title) to this limitation in the TBM

So, it will be filtered out by WT … the database is complete/correct.


The link sends me to a page that says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

Question: Is there anyway to keep MSFS ATC from assigning me this approach while in the TBM?

Thanks very informative stuff.

It´s the official MSFS forum, you must login first I guess …

Here a screenshot of the relevant posting:

No idea, sorry - such questions are better for the MSFS forum


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