JSON paxwgt ignored/bugged

Hello, it’s me again :grin:

So this time I noticed that the paxwgt is probably ignored/bugged when I import a json.

Indeed, if I import a json which contains :


And if I import 152 passengers and 500 kg of cargo, my ZFW is 47.4T. Since my OEW is 41144kg, I should have (152*84) + 500 + 41144 = 54 412.

This is confirmed in the FSLabs .txt route export where, if I export one file with a flightplan dispatched via the API, it will have the correct PAX number but the wrong ZFW. If I specify the PAX number, the cargo and the correct ZFW however (54.4), it will add cargo to compensate for the weight difference in the .txt.

With the same aircraft in my SimBrief fleet, the problem isn’t there. If I select a pax number and a cargo value (remember that my bagwgt is 0), the ZFW is spot on as I would expect it and the values in the .txt are as well correct.

If you could look into it, that would be nice. Many thanks !

Hi, like the oew/mtow/mzfw/mlw options in the acdata JSON, the “paxwgt” option needs to be provided in LBS. It looks like you’re trying to set it in KG, which is resulting in a lower paxwgt than intended.

"paxwgt":84 is interpreted as 84 lbs, which when converted gives roughly 38 kg.

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Indeed, sorry about that. In my head it was in KGs because in my fleet it is in KGs, but then you have the option to choose in there.

Thank you, with the value in LBS (185.188) it works as intended :smiley:

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