Java error

Got this today

Win 10 Pro
Desktop Charts


It would appear that you are running a very, very old version of Navigraph Charts (version 7).

Please uninstall it and download the latest version from our website:

Let me know how that works!

Kind Regards,

No this is the one I have

I have 8.29

I downloaded latest and it it 8.29.1 and I had 8.29.0 so a small update but…
I have always trusted the auto update where I get a msg onscreen about new version but that did not work this time.

Anyway looks like that Java error is gone now. Have not seen any on a couple of start of charts.
So close this one.

Yes, you should be able to provided that everything is working normally! Weird that you did not get the update. In this case, it looks like the error message that you saw was actually caused by a failed update!

It is possible that the update, once it had been downloaded in the background, became corrupted in some unknown way which caused verification of its signature to fail. In this case, that would be easily fixable by doing exactly what you did - manually reinstall the application!

Thanks for letting us know either way, much appreciated!

Kind Regards,