Issues with Loading OFP into the MSFS

Dear NAvigraph team

My name is \Dardan Zeqiri and recently i installed navigraph in my ipad and PC . I am creating the flight plan into my personal ipad with navigraph with Simbierf Alias : Darda97 , but it’s not workiing to load the same one into the MSFS , the Screen into the simulator tells me my Simbrief is Wrong , see picture .

Secondly when i try to make a flight plan into the MSFS using the Ipad into the sim there doesnt allow me to select any departure or make a flight plan directly there . And i would like to ask if there is a possibility to have the flight plan inserted directly into the MCDU directly from the IPAD , as when i am loading the flight plan exported as a PLN file , its not loaded into the MCDU .

Aicraft is B737 PMDG. WIndows

Can you please inform how to make it work . Thank you

Hello! Welcome to our forum!

First of all, please know that Navigraph did not develop the EFB that you are currently asking about. Thus, we can’t help you with any actual issues with it - the right place for that would be the PMDG forums!

Based on your second screenshot, it looks like you have not set up your SimBrief alias in the EFB settings. You can read about this process in the manual, specifically on page 7. You can find the manual here.

You need to enter your alias in this box for SimBrief features to work!

I quickly Googled this for you, and I found this topic for you over on the PMDG forum. It seems to be possible to do what you are looking for!

After you have loaded your simbrief flightplan into the EFB, you can request the route through “CO ROUTE” on the RTE page. This also works for the descent wind uplink.

Kind Regards,

HI Malte Thank you for your Feedback .

I added my SImbrief ALias and saved . but i have the same issue still ongoing see SC below

Are you sure that you entered the correct alias? It is likely to be the same as your username here on the forum.

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