Issue with getting logged out

I’ve got Charts running on a Samsung A7 Tablet and it works find usually (apart from being sometimes quite slow to load a chart).

However on a semi-regular basis, quite often in the middle of a flight, the charts app will suddenly go to the Navigraph logo (aka the splashscreen) and will often sit there until you close the app and reopen.

From that point its 50/50 whether the app will come back up (without the last flight selected being loaded), or whether it will say that you need to log in again. I’ve then found that sometimes you have to login twice as the first login just takes you back to the signon prompt again 50% of the time.

Not sure if its my imagination but it seems to be more of an issue when you have moving maps enabled so its like it has some error code back from a server which it interprets as being logged out or something like that.

I really like the Charts app but its getting a bit frustrating - especially when it decides to do this whilst you are on finals and going into an complex airport you’ve never been to before :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear.

Please make a comparison on your next two flights, one using the Android app, and one using Charts Cloud in your Chrome browser on Android.



Thanks @stephen .

I did a few flights with the Charts app & Edge browser and found the Edge browser much more stable. The flight tracking didn’t skip a bit, and it didn’t get thrown back to the Sign-in screen / the splash screen.

Its unfortunate as the extra screen real estate and the User interaction of the app is better so would be good if anything can be done.