Android app loses login after closing?

Hi all,
i am using the charts app on an Android tablet for a few days now and I am wondering whether a behaviour which annoys me a bit is as-designed or is some glitch which can be fixed…

Whenever I close the Android app (e.g. to view something in Google Maps) and re-enter it, I have to re-login via the browser, otherwise I can only browse the high- and low-level IFR maps and the world map, but I am unable to search for and open any aerodrome related IFR charts.

Is there something I can do so that the app keeps the “login” connection?

Best regards

Hi Christian,

I am not an Android user but:
Can you switch to other app without closing Charts Android?
Does remove/install Charts Android change things.
Make sure you have the date/time correct on the Andoid.
Can you try running Charts from a browser on the Android.
Does this improve things?