Is it possible to change the color of STAR and approach?

As a colorblind person it is quite difficult to see the difference between the STAR and the approach route on the map in Charts. It would be nice to change the color or be able to change it yourself.

Hi Juuntje.

Thanks for your feedback. May I ask which kind of colorblindness you have? Perhaps color presets could be an option?



I myself have Protanomaly. But i think the way you chose the colours also other colourblind will have a hard time getting them apart.

I would suggest not to add colorblind mode but just to use a contrasting color. This would also benefit people with less vision to get them apart.

It is really frustrating to use the app after the update because of this. I think that in the older version it was better separated.

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Here are the colors used in the old app for STAR/approach. Do those work better?




No, they are quite similar I think. Maybe i didnt remember it that well.

It is even worse in the old app i see now. Also the route is quite hard to split from STAR. So i started noticing it in the new app because of the cruise that has a darkish color.