Invalid simbrief user ID

I am flying on FSLabs A320 SL. I have a common account simbrief navigraph. When I enter my flight ID in MCDU (MCDU menu-ATSU_AOC-Init), I get the message " Invalid simbrief user ID" in MCDU. However, in acar.ini file, I think all is good.
Can you tell me, in my simbrief account, what is my user ID : my mame? my alias? or my email.
I think its my email?
Thank you for your reply.
Best regards
Philippe Dauphin

Hi Philippe,

In the Acars.ini file, you should put your alias I believe. So the [Simbrief] section should look like this:


Best regards,

Thank you for this quickly reply (as usual at simbrief).
What a fool I am, I tried my email, my pilot id, my name in acars.ini.
But, I knew it was not my alias.
Its Good. Alias is actually my username. Problem is solved.
Thank you very much.
Best regards.

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