Invalid Entry after AIRAC 2305

Good day,
since I updated to AIRAC 2305 and later I´m unable to enter any SID/STAR, shorten my route via Directs or enter speed/altitude restrictions manually.
Flying on the PMDG 737 in P3D.
It happens shortly after takeoff or at latest during cruise.

Preflight on stand, entering route, weights, winds etc.
Taxiing to RWY and T/O.
Climbing through, let´s say 7000ft, entering a DCT and the left FMC does not execute this. Trying it on the right FMC, “invalid entry” appears.

Reinstalled the 737, tested it with the default AIRAC which comes with the 737 on ENGM-EFHK-ENGM, worked without problem!
Updated to AIRAC 2308 to that time, after departure same error…

Any suggestions?
Maybe someone able to provide an AIRAC before 2305?
Last AIRAC which worked perfectly for me was 2303.

Same on the 747 after reinstall btw…

sorry we don´t offer outdated AIRAC cycle, but are you able to upload/post the flightplan here, that we can try to reproduce? It seems it´s not a general issue because we have never received any report to this - so possible any specific error and/or addon issue.

Therefore, please post your exact flightplan here … do you load the fp or do you enter it manually in the FMC?

Thank you,

I only use flightplans provided by SimBrief, generated through our virtual airline. Mostly default routes generated by SimBrief itself.
I add them manually since i got this kind of issue, doing it nearly everytime except for long runs.

… and this flightplans are always generated with the current AIRAC cycle? How is it ensured that the flight plan and data in the FMC/S match? You wrote you get an invalid entry with 2305 but working with a previous cycle. That indicates normally, that ie. the airway was changed or a waypoint was renamed, outdated and or some terminal procedures are not the same as with the previous cycle.

So, when you use a specific cycle in the FMC/S you must generate the flightplan also with the same cycle number - in all other cases, the don´t match and the result could be such “invalid entries”


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