Missing LTFM in PMDG 777-200

Hello, I have the error message INVALID ENTRY for all flights to Istanbul LTFM when entering the CO ROUTE.
I have now tried several flights from different airports always comes the error
the error does not occur when entering ORIG, only when entering DEST the error occurs.
My AIRAC is Navigraph pmdg_2108

This can only be due to the airport, I have now loaded an old flight from OMDBYSSY. Here the error does not occur.

My question is why does the PMDG 700-200LR and the 300ER not recognize the Airport LTFM.

this is a PMDG setting.

Please follow these steps and you should be able to enter the airport:

It’s not a navdata issue because the airport is included, but PMDG needs sometimes this step for an internal re-organisation.

Hope that helps

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