Installation of new cycle into Pilot 2 ATC?

how does P2ATC get updated to the ‘latest’ cycle? I just purchased and its stuck on the 120? cycle and not current

Hi There. Have you got the FMS Data Manager?

If so, scan and it will find P2ATC nad then prompt you to update it



yes, I have it in the loader window and select it to ‘update’ P2ATC however P2ATC doesn’t recognize the current cycle still?.. it’s stuck on the ‘trial’ cycle ‘1801’

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solution was the finder said automatic then ‘hid’… I had to catch it on scan and ‘check’ its box and it stayed on the ‘list’ I then ran the updater and it worked. The problem may have had to do with the default folder and where I have the program…

everything is working now THX

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