Installation in steam version does not work

I want to install on a steam version, the error is the one shown,
the installation paths are as follows.
steam installation path: D:\Steam
MFS2020 installation path: D:\MFS2020
Navigraph Navdata Beta installation path: “C:\Program Files\Navigraph Navdata Center\Navigraph Navdata Center”



EPERM error results from permissions, likely because you have installed into Program Files directory.

Please install “only for you” so to default %localappdata%/Programs/Navigraph Navdata Center.

Please see Can't Install AIRAC Cycle or Navigraph Charts in Game - EPERM operation not permitted - #5 by rscarter


I install only for me so to default

the following image is the download of 1 GB of steam

in the following folder save the following 85 GB

I continue with the same error
MSFS2020 starts normally but Navigraph Navdata Center doesn’t install

OK I leave the above as a reference to my problem, I have solved it with the link that you shared, thank you.

Hi Carlos,

You are welcome.

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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