Installation failure

Hi all,

I am having the same trouble installing Navigraph+ Charts that another use had a while ago with the above error. I was successfully using the program but then decided to update. The error occurs very quickly after starting - progress bar locks at about 25% and then only option is Cancel. No information about the error provided. I have tried running as Admin but this didn’t work either. I followed Ian’s very detailed FAQ advice to uninstall, remove all directories and then install a clean download - but am still getting the same error. I have made Chrome my default. I have tried after disabling anti-virus and firewall. One interesting thing is that the install program is defaulting to a D drive path (where I originally installed the program). The FAQ says to make sure it is a C path - which I have tried as well. When I open Apps & Features there are two Navigraph apps visible (Charts 7.1.35 and 7.4.2). I am unable to uninstall these as the folders have been deleted.

Simlink downloaded and installed without any issues.

Any advice or suggestions welcomed. I have read most of the posts on this topic but a few seem to have been left unresolved.