Incorrect procedures altitude data all over Chinese mainland airport

I noticed that the procedures altitude limitation data is incorrect in Chinese mainland airports, such as:

  • 900m (3000ft) is written as 2960ft
  • 1200m (3900ft) is written as 3940ft
  • 1500m (4900ft) is written as 4930ft

The procedures altitude limitation of all airports in Chinese mainland follows this table IRL:

Could you please fix this issue?

are you able to give us an example airport and terminal procedure? Chinese data are limited due the restrictions of China, therefore it´s possible that Jeppesen doesn´t receive the correct data from the government of China.

Again, this is not an issue from our data, it´s more an issue from the source, means from China due the protected/restricted data offering.

But give us an example, and we can check it …

Thank you very much,

DUGEB8YA (DUG8YA) for ZBAA is a good example.

The first image above is from China’s AIP and the second image is from Jeppesen. I put the right altitude in feet into the second image to explain where the problem is.

It seems that the data source provided by Jeppesen does have problems with transfer meters to feet. I really understand that a separate inspection and correction of all airport procedures in China will be a huge project, so if you can’t fix this issue, I would still appreciate your attention.

… but as an example AA582 has an altitude restriction of 2700 meters, converted in feet this is 8858 feet, rounded on the charts it’s 8860 feet.

AA562 3000 meter = 9850 feet

The official conversion is:
1 meter = 3.28084 feet


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