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Not sure if this is the right place to post about this but I found an error in one of the charted procedures for PHNL airport. It does not match the FAA published chart. The initial climb inset on the PIPLN1 shows the altitude restriction at PIPLN to be 3000 - 5000 when it should be 5000 - 3000.

sorry, but where is the difference - to read it “pass the point between 3000ft and 5000ft” or the read it “pass the point between 5000ft and 3000ft”?

In my eyes it´s more logical to read: “between 3000ft and 5000ft” because on an departure you will reach 3000ft first before you reach 5000ft.

I assume, this is only a wrong printing on the FAA charts, but also when not, it makes no difference.
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It actually does make a difference because your textual description of what the bars mean is not what the bars actually represent. They are meant to be a visual depiction of a vertical altitude description, so if you have it being displayed OPPOSITE of what the FAA has published, it can get confusing and is downright incorrect for vertical navigation planning purposes.

Make no mistake this is not a misprint of the FAA, it is a misprint of the Jeppesen replication of the FAA chart if anything. The FAA charts always place the higher altitude above because that is the visual representation of the vertical altitude restriction for a procedure segment. It is printed this way consistently on every chart the FAA publishes for a purpose, it’s not some flimsy wishy washy thing. If you can’t change your chart because it is based on an upstream error, just say so.

This is how it SHOULD look:

The chart legend between FAA and Jeppesen are differ and not standardized. This is no error, it’s the way how Jeppesen visualized the block altitudes.

The result in the interpretation is the same.


If that were the case then this restriction would have FL190 on the bottom and 8000 on the top. Is that not so?


Looks like you are now using enroute charts … we will ask our data provider in one of our next meetings.


No, I actually am not doing that at all…

En Route charts don’t have altitude restrictions on them…


We have sent an inquiry to our data provider now.



Any word back from the data provider?


This should be fixed in AIRAC 2112 releasing Thursday.


Fantastic! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow up.

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