Flight level confusion

I am trying to plan a flight from ZBAA to ZSOF in a A319. On producing the FP I see ‘FL STEPS ZBAA/1070/’. In the Flight Log I see the FL at various waypoints as 845,1070,1070…The Vertical Profile Map shows my FL as 351. The OFP Summary Page has my Cruise as FL351 and DX Remarks as ‘Planned Optimum Flight Level’. I am unsure what FL Steps 1070 means, is my FL 10.700 or 35,100?
Can you clear up my confusion? Many thanks Dave

Hello Dave,

China uses a metric system for flight levels and publishes a Flight Level Allocation System indicating required levels.

In your example 1070 = 10,700 meters. As many aircraft systems do not display altitudes in meters there is a conversion table which when referenced for 10,700m would convert to 35,100 feet.

FLAS may differ in other countries airspace so the China’s metric system may not match another.

Conversion chart attached: China_RVSM_Poster.pdf (4.0 MB)

Hi there. Thank you so much for your reply and information, it all makes sense now, and thanks for the conversion chart, I am touring China just now so this will be a great help.
Many thanks again

Kind regards


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